Crafted Timberwork

Custom Timberwork | Timber Framing

Technical expertise and a commitment to excellence make the Cascade Joinery an ideal partner for builders seeking to incorporate crafted timber work, heavy timber, timber framing, and log work into distinctive homes and buildings.

We deeply respect our craft. We are unique among timber framing contractors in requiring participation in the Apprenticeship program of the Timber Framers Guild by all members of our production team. Nowhere in North America can you find a group with more experience working timber.

We are informed by our roots, but not bound by them. Building beautiful, safe, comfortable, efficient, and lasting structures is our priority, and our buildings are designed to perform beyond industry standards in every respect. We don’t meet standards—without exception, and without fail, we exceed them. We are acknowledged leaders in our field and are proud to bring that depth of experience and skill to every project.