About Us Temp 2020


For over 29 years the Cascade Joinery has crafted timber work for a wide range of buildings—homes, retail buildings, churches, community centers, restaurants, office buildings and public pavilions. We’re lucky to have spent these years working with wonderful people, in beautiful places; building structures we can be proud of.

Craig Aument and Jeff Arvin founded the Cascade Joinery in 1990. Jeff has moved on to new challenges and John Miller joined as an owner in 2006. John and Craig head our team of skilled craftspeople that are committed to the promise of great service and extraordinary quality.

In addition to the fabrication and installation of crafted timberwork, we provide specialized and creative structural timber engineering, connection detail design, and guidance for timber specifications, design consultation and value engineering.

Cascade Joinery is also expert in SIPs (structural insulated panels), both in design and in-field installation.


It takes the combined talents of many people to create a good team—and we’ve always benefited from the talents of extraordinary individuals.

John Miller
John is patient, persistent, and passionate about quality. He oversees all aspects of the Cascade Joinery. He began his career in construction as a carpenter and soon started working with timber. John is a registered Journey worker with the Timber Framers Guild. and is a past president of the Timber Framers Guild.

Craig Aument
Few people practice multiple crafts at an expert level, but Craig is one of them. He is one of our founding owners, and oversees our team of craftsmen. Craig’s work and his custom family home have been featured in Fine Homebuilding magazine, and his reputation for excellence in business and craft has been a part of the Cascade Joinery for over 25 years. Craig is a registered Journey worker with the Timber Framers Guild and an inspiration for us all.


Omar Anguiano
Omar first joined us as a summer intern from the Bellingham Tech carpentry program in 2005 and has recently returned to work with us. A quiet and steady presence in the shop, Omar cares deeply about the quality of his work and it shows in the results. He makes furniture from the offcuts in his spare time and is the father of two beautiful boys.

Susan Brown
Susan is steady, reliable and thorough. Our one-woman book keeping department, she keeps everything in order and under control.

Corrie Croswaite
Corrie joined the office staff in December of 2019. She comes from a logging family and has been in the construction trade for the l\past 14 years. She is dedicated to the safety program and keeping up on new procedures. When she is not at work she spends her time with her family, friends, and horse.

Alex Dykstra
Alex majored in Construction Management at Northern Michigan University, graduating in 2016. He brings a variety of craft experience to his work in the shop, including time spent shaping surfboards in Morocco.

Phil Kneisley
After 26 years of this work, I ask myself: What’s important here? Aim to do excellent work. Serve well both clients and colleagues. Keep a sense of humor.

Ryan Misiolek
Graduated from BTC in 2005 with an associate’s degree in Building Technologies and began working with us. He’s been here ever since. In 2014 he graduated from the Timber Framers Guild apprenticeship program as a Journeyman Timber Framer. He runs our shop crew and makes it all happen.

Jaise Poole
Born and raised on Lopez Island, Jaise has a background in carpentry, masonry, arboriculture, and design. He developed his passion for woodworking early on in life thanks to the influence of his father, brother, and uncle. As an avid rock climber, Jaise spends as much time as possible scaling granite walls in the North Cascades. He also enjoys back-country skiing in the Winter, and riding his mountain bike on Galbraith after work. Jaise has lived in Bellingham for five years, earning a BA in Integrated Health from Western Washington University In 2019.

Willis Rozycki
Willis came to Cascade Joinery 5 years ago from Colorado. He is a registered Journeyman with the Timber Framers Guild. When he’s not in the shop you can probably find him playing in the mountains or out on the coast.

Lance Slyman
Lance graduated Huxley College of the Environment in 2018 where he focused on green building and design. Prior to this he has worked in the design, build, and management fields at both large and small scales. In his off time you can either find him in the mountains or building furniture.