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Our Cascade Joinery crew at a Seattle metropolitan area project.


Elson S. Floyd Cultural Center
Located at the main entry to the WSU Pullman Campus, the Center will expand what it means to be a member of the WSU community. The Center will be a gathering place to celebrate culture and diversity and will host scholars, lectures, meetings, and multicultural alumni events. Job fairs, conferences, and collaborative work with WSU colleges will enhance the new center’s offerings.

The architects sought extensive advice from the WSU community for the design. This led to amenities that include four knowledge rooms, an open “living room” space for larger events, and a commercial and demonstration kitchen. Food’s a big part of culture and the center’s kitchen will be integral to events. Art and design also educate visitors on the histories and contributions of African, Native, Latina/o, and Asian Americans to the state of Washington and WSU.

Cascade Joinery worked with the engineers, architects and General Contractor to enhance buildability in the design and specifications for timber roof system. Our crew cut every piece in the roof system on site setting beams as we went. No two pieces are alike. The main arched glulams are either 6” x 30” or 8.75” x 36”, made of naturally rot resistant Port Orford Cedar. The largest pieces are 70’ long and weigh over 6,000 pounds. The main beams are on 8’ centers with 4″ x 8″ purlin beams spanning between them at approximately 4’ on center. The irregular fascia of Port Orford Cedar glulam is 3.125” x 18”. Purlin pitch varied from piece to piece and the purlin spacing varied in each bay. Fascia pieces were mapped to fit after the main beams were set. Our crew completed the roof structure on schedule and the project continues to move forward at a rapid pace and is slated for completion in Spring 2017.



Cascade Cuts
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